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It's a green green world...


Statistics for Club Marine Palace's Environmental Program


Club Marine Palace:


  • Is ISO 14001 certified (Environmental Management System) since 2007.
  • Is awarded the Blue Flag for 9 consequent years (Clean beach, clean sea, environmental management and facilities award).
  • Is awarded the TUI Environmental Champion Award since 2004.
  • Is a certified Eco Resort for 2010
  • Is a TUI Umwelt Champion for 2010


In Club Marine Palace we:


  • Participate in the “clean up the med” program organized in cooperation with the NGO MED SOS.
  • Organize the “clean up the sea bottom” activity.
  • Organize weekly visits to local organic allotment.
  • Support the protection of endangered species (sea turtle Caretta-caretta).
  • Organize information days for local schools.
  • Run a cat-cafe.
  • Organize eco-presentations for our guests.
  • Celebrating the World Environment Day (5th June).

In Club Marine Palace we save energy, water and manage our waste following the three principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) by:


  • Applying Water Saving methods.
  • Water flow regulators in bathrooms.
  • Computerised garden irrigation.
  • Adopting Waste Management systems.
  • Recycling (paper, plastic, glass, aluminium, batteries, old electronic equipment and electric appliances, used light bulbs, used cooking oil, ink and toner cartridges).
  • Using reusable glass bottles, barrels, plastic containers, pallets.
  • Applying Energy Saving systems.
  • Gas for kitchen appliances.
  • Energy saving light bulbs.
  • Magnetic electricity master switch in rooms.


Our ECO results


In 2009 we recycled:


  • 21 tons paper,
  • 3200 kilos used cooking oils,
  • 800 kilos electrical and electronic equipment.


In 2009 Club Marine Palace reduced its environmental impact compared to 2008 and managed to achieve:


  • 6% Reduction in the water consumption 
  • 10% Reduction in the usage of gas
  • 9% Reduction in the usage of electric energy

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