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Margaritas Village
A small village known for its pottery. The pots are handmade using techniques dating back thousands of years. Various village shops sell the local pottery. The village has several remains from older eras. Walking around the village one can see ornate doors and walls dating from the Venetian era. These features, as well as the narrow alleys, retain the traditional Cretan village architecture.
Samaria Gorge
43 km south of Chania, it is the longest gorge in Europe and belongs to the Samaria National Park. The footpath leads through an entirely different landscape which impresses even the most well-seasoned travellers. Visitors can choose the long route (16 kms) or a shorter version starting from the sea on the south coast and walking to the “Iron Gates” (3.5 kms)


Gramvusa island
At the north western point of Crete is Gramvousa, a small island with an impregnable castle, a fortress, a masterpiece of the 16th century, and Balos, the unique lagoon of Crete, with its blue green waters, it pink sandy beach and famous shells. Even Caribbean visitors envy this region!  An impressive environment of rocks and steep cliffs, blue sea and sandy beaches and the serene lagoon of Balos blend with the area’s history: monasteries, churches and the castle of Imeri Gramvousa.


An amazing beach and a captivating landscape. The island is 100 m off the coast.


Gavdos island
According to Callimachus, Gavdos was the island of Calypso, the one known from the epic Ogygia. You can actually see on your own the nymph’s “palace” near a cave, if you ask it from a local. Of course Gavdos, apart from its mythological glamour was also used as a place of exile “hosting” famous Greek fighters, such as Aris Velouchiotis, Markos Vafiadis, Partsalidis and many others and the houses in which they lived still remain. In Gavdos you will find wonderful beaches in Sarakiniko, in Agios-Yiannis, in Pyrgos, in Potamos, and in the pebbly beach of Lavraka, as well as the sandy beach in the cape of Tripiti with the three natural consecutive arches in the rock that is joined with the sea and it is believed that it was in this place that Ulysses was held in captivity by Callypso. In the same cape you will also see an abandoned lighthouse, the second most visible lighthouse in the world after that in the Land of Fire in Argentina.

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