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Grecotel - The Results 




Since 1994 Grecotel:







70 tones of paper




1200 trees
2.240 m water (sufficient for 18.000 people for one day)
287.000 kWh (enough to power  a 250-bed hotel for 6 months)


18.000 batteries

Resulted Avoided pollution of 7.200.000 m water (needs of 120 Hotels with 400 beds for 1 summer season


1.600.000 glass bottles



Energy saved could power a 100W light bulb for 1.460 years

  • Replaced over 5.500.000 plastic bags with cotton shopping bags and paper laundry/hygiene bags


  • 80% reduction in single-use products (plastic glasses, plates etc) 


  • 85% of beer, soft drinks and water in returnable packaging


  • 70% increase in bulk purchasing in returnable/reusable containers (e.g. oil & beer in barrels instead of bottles)



In addition Grecotel Managed to:


  • Reduce 20% the water consumption
  • Reduce 20 -30% the electricity consumption


  • Reduce 40-55% the oil consumption


  • 80% of cleaning products with high concentration in chlorine, phosphoric acids & other chemical compounds that are dangerous to the environment were replaced with eco-friendly ones


  • Total replacement of CFC's (Halogen harmful to ozone layer) in fire extinguishers, refrigerators & air-conditioning systems


  • Use of mattresses and decorative paints with EU eco-label



For further information, please contact:

Tel.: +30 210 72 80 300, Fax. +30 210 72 95 055

Email: press@grecotel.gr



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