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Chora - Downtown
Located on the islands’ western harbour, the "Chora" of Mykonos is a very beautiful old island town, which in the past had its own merchant fleet. Today miraculously, it maintains a balance between tourism-related development and the preservation of its very picturesque features.


There are whitewashed houses, proud windmills, a multitude of chapels, busy back streets with balconies full of flowers and a multicoloured fleet of fishing boats in the port. In the background is the Paraportiani Church; alongside it, sea-washed "Little Venice".


After sunset, everything changes: crowds throng this luxurious marketplace and the restaurants, bars and discos consign the tiny town to the pleasures and the different rhythm of the night.


Ano Mera
One of the most eastern sides of the island, a tranquil village in the midst of farms, Ano Mera is a lovely locale, known for its excellent taverns. It is ideal for bicycling and hiking, and there are beaches nearby for swimming and water-sports.


As long as the sun is shining, the island’s greatest attractions are the many beautiful beaches and the clean blue-green sea. Llocation that is easily accessible by public transportation or "far from the madding crowd"; family style beaches or those frequented mainly by wind-surfers – or flocks of nudists.


Day and night, Mykonos glitters like a finely polished jewel. Movie stars and magnates mingle with weekend clubbers in Mykonos Town’s warren of white-washed passages as casually as the shiny yachts bobbing on the surf next to the brightly painted fishing boats strung with yellow nets. An island of opposites, the austere lines of its traditional architecture conceal opulent interiors of holiday villas owned by jet-setting pop stars and millionaires. The social whirlwind of the beach parties and nightlife, vibrates against the tranquility of remote, secluded coves. Mykonos is the perfect getaway: somewhere you can find yourself as easily as you can lose yourself in the crowd. And there’s only one place where these two worlds meet: Mykonos Blu. Set on a bluff overlooking the gold-tinged sand of the world-famous beach at Psarou, the resort is perfectly poised between the island’s two worlds – secluded, yet close enough to town for you to join the party minutes after the urge strikes.


From Chopard and Rolex jewelry boutiques to Roberto Cavalli on the beach! It’s a shopper’s paradise, where else can you shop at 23:00. A variety of stores are opened till the early hours.


Sports & Activities
Mykonos is the most famous tourist island in the Eastern Mediterranean and certainly the most cosmopolitan among the Cyclades, something which is not just by chance. Mykonos (which actually is a part of small group of islands, together with Delos, Rhenia and various rocky islets) easily captures the visitors interest, thanks to the great variety of choices offer here. There is something for everyone, whether one is demanding or unprepared a night owl, a typical world traveller or a nature lover; “holidays” here can mean anything from the most peaceful relaxation to the wildest partying.