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The resort goes to great lengths to put security measures in place to ensure the safety of all guests. However, we request that you keep a constant check on your children whenever they are not participating in an organized activity, especially around the swimming pools, parking area and on the beach.
As children can become disoriented in new surroundings, we suggest that you teach them your room number and, in the event that they are lost, they should contact any member of staff wearing a name badge.


We recommend that children wear suitable footwear at all times when outside to avoid accidents involving sharp sea shells, stones, etc. Sandals and beach shoes can be purchased at the hotel shop.

A general doctor and paediatrician are on call 24-hours.

Please inform the club staff of your whereabouts and how you can be contacted.
Please collect your child at closing time.  Any additional hours will be charged as babysitting.
Children are not allowed to leave Grecoland without a responsible adult.  Children aged over 8 may leave if you have given special permission to the club staff.
It is essential that your child is healthy and dressed appropriately for the scheduled activities.  Please ensure that your child has a hat or cap, sun cream, swim suit and a change of clothing, as these items are not provided.
(Please ask for a copy of the full Grecoland regulations from the children’s staff)

♥ A few sensible precautions make family holidays happy
♥ Please tell the hotel staff if you need anything to make your holiday more enjoyable
♥ Suitable sunscreens avoid painful sunburn.  Re-apply regularly!
♥ Protect delicate areas such as face, head & neck with a hat
♥ It’s best for kids to wear shoes or sandals whenever they are outside
♥ Avoid dehydration by giving your child plenty of water to drink
♥ Swim safely - make sure that you and your child swim close to the shore
♥ Be very careful with inflatables & water toys as they can float out to sea
♥ Tell the hotel staff about any allergies or special requirements
♥ Please respect the comfort and wellbeing of other guests
♥ Your child should not swim immediately after meals
♥ Children are asked not to run around the pool area as it may be slippery
♥ Please supervise your child at all times when in the pool or sea
♥ Please do not change nappies around the pool or beach. Use the restroom facilities
♥ Children should wear a swimsuit when swimming
♥ Enjoy your holiday!

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